What Should I Write my philosophy Paper on

What Should I Write my philosophy Paper on

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Many people believe that the SOW is where you first present this information.

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Assumptions are the most important part of any SOW and any assumptions that you made when scoping and estimating the project should be included here.

Contrary to what many people believe, the Statement of Work (SOW) is not a sales tool.

Don’t treat the SOW as a “form” that you simply fill in the blanks.

It is a simple fact that if performance is not a stated criterion of the system requirements then the system designers will generally not consider performance issues.

For general applications asking users to what is an acceptable response time is like asking people how much salary they require!

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This means that if there are price issues (and there always are!

It starts with the “why”, then moves to the “how” and “what”, followed by the “when”, and “how much”.

” Also, never make status reports deliverables as you do not want to be in a position where you are asking the client to review and approve every single status report (I’m not saying that status reports are not important because they are crucial.

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