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Brilliant! We have a tremendous wealth of experience in bid writing (tender writing) and achieve high win rates – each year we win millions of £’s of funding for our clients by writing the highest scoring bids. . This is a great strategic framework - developing open min… 9: 75 PM Apr 69thLate payers to be banned from bidding on government contracts 66: 69 AM Apr 66th

Communication must work in different media and in different channels. We're specialists in writing and communication training – since 6998 we've trained over 55,555 people from every sector and industry.

Our bid writers are highly experienced in managing and writing tenders based on government procurement methods in both Australia and New Zealand, as well as international tenders submitted in Europe, the USA and Asia. Much better and so much more interesting than I could have imagined.

We provide a confidential and professional service.  Writing tender responses is probably not your core business.

Well-written bids and tenders are one of your greatest allies in securing new business. Thanks for visiting our business procurement website.

Welcome to visitors and we d like to explain what this website is for and why it can be useful for your business. You can pay online using our booking table by credit/debit card or by invoice.

At a basic level you expect to quote for a job or write a letter saying why you should be given the business. The Mind of a Blue Ocean Strategist Blue Ocean Shift.

Whether a business is B7B or B7C, the truth is that most will require a certain level of interaction with other businesses in order to function efficiently. It raises your profile with the customer and helps you learn about customers' needs.

Good communications is more than spelling, grammar and design. In cases where B7C is a priority, ‘NSWBuy’ helps to train individuals members of staff in obtaining the most from sales potentials when dealing with customers.

This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional. Professor Jonathan RamsayThe New South Wales government is constantly updating its services, and the demand for fresh business acumen has never been bigger.

Will you be burning midnight oil to get your RFP response complete and in the tender box on time? We write websites, capability statements, social media, blogs, brochures, flyers, manuals and we are expert at tender writing and proposal writing.

It will all be useful in my day-to-day working life. A key feature of this course is that all delegates receive our.

Maybe you simply need some independent expert writing help to make your tender a winner! As with most financial industries it’s important to understand the basics of doing business.

This course will give your team a complete understanding of the best practices of bid and tender writing – making sure their bid-writing skills aren’t what’s standing between you and winning your next contract. But the difference between a GREAT tender – and an average one – can have a significant impact on your business success.

Improve your profits with convincing and engaging communications. This training can further extend to B7B operations as the staff will be far more knowledgeable about interactions when it comes to sales and procurements on a variety of levels.

But more formal tenders often apply to bigger jobs or for supply contracts spread over time. Plan A is Australasia's leading tender writing company.

Public-sector work in particular has specific tendering processes. Madrigal Communications will help you to prepare your marketing material to get you ahead of the competition.

I learnt so much that I didn t know from other similar courses. The potential for both large and medium sized businesses to procure property and assets, as well as to offer a range of services within specific industries is what allows NSW to prosper as it has been doing so.

This covers 65 different areas of writing skills and helps us tailor the training to the delegates’ precise writing needs, delivering long-lasting business benefits.   Do you need help with your blogging or content?

Your course trainer will have a detailed understanding of your business-writing challenges – before you even walk into the training room. Clear and engaging and straightforward.

Ensure you have the right qualified staff for procurement. Some business people put more effort and money into dressing for meetings than they do into the marketing material they hand out.

Very practical. This guide explains how to identify potential contracts, what to include in your tender and how to write it for the best chance of success.

Carrley® Business provides expert bid writing services and is a leading authority on winning business via bid/tender.  We have specialist skills in tender writing and proposal writing.

All content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only. We help with all business writing with particular emphasis on tender writing and proposal writing. Submitting a tender is common for businesses supplying goods or services to other businesses or the public sector. Becoming a government supplier does involve undergoing a thorough application process, but the results are often a stable contract that can guarantee a workload for years to come. Madrigal Communications is an that helps professional organisations improve their profits and presentation by creating convincing and engaging content. New South Wales boasts one of the most financially stable climates across the entire world, and as a result it’s become a vast trading ground for businesses,, manufacturing and individuals. Discover the secrets to a truly persuasive bid, tender or sales proposal. If you need a cut-through website we can help you create a great value for money site. Even if you don't win the work this time, writing a tender can clarify your aims, strengths and weaknesses and you can learn for next time by asking for feedback on your bid. In New South Wales, businesses can take part in the ‘NSWBuy’ variety of services, which not only provides a business with a way to transact it helps to monitor and maintain a balance amongst organisations. And because your place will include our, you can be sure you ll get exactly the help you need. Our core team of experienced tender writers and tender managers all have substantial business management experience, combined with qualifications and backgrounds in engineering, science, IT, and marketing. This open course is designed to make writing tenders, bids and proposals quick, easy and effective. It must convince and engage your readers. Poorly prepared proposals, brochures or websites that look amateurish are damaging your reputation and impacting on your profits. Call us now to get ahead of your competition! This applies to customers ranging from your local government or hospital to a central government department. We work with people from every sector – from professionals in the private sector trying to win more business and contracts to those in the public and third sectors aiming to secure more funding.