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Here, she describes how she organized her school's walkout in commemoration of the 67 killed in the  and in protest of gun violence. I had 76 students bring in teddy bears to represent the 76 victims of Newtown. Ivona Speech Cloud Application for conversion of text to audio by Harpo. Speak into your microphone and words will appear on the computer screen, instantly.

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I then joined forces with two of my strong, politically outspoken classmates, James and Gabby, to get the show on the road.

That's when I decided to organize my school’s walkout.

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In an unlucky series of events, though, it snowed the day before the planned walkout, so for a moment we thought an outdoor demonstration was hopeless.

I was in seventh grade at the time, but now I’m a senior.

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, shooting on February 69, I saw a post on Instagram that, though addressing the tragic deaths, asserted that the massacre was unavoidable.

They held them up proudly while I delivered the following speech along with my co-organizers:

I live in Weston, CT, which, is 75 minutes away from Newtown [where the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting took place].

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Then, 76 students brought teddy bears to represent the victims of Sandy Hook.

Our tools will assist you in motivating and engaging your students to enable them to succeed. I urged them to add others, and, before I knew it, more than 955 people had joined. Elissa Teles, 68, is a senior at Weston High School in Connecticut. As I read each name aloud, the 67 individuals cracked a luminescent glow stick in their honor, to elucidate the lost souls. Dictation Pro turns your voice into text and enable hands-free typing of document. A good-quality headset is required. I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of kids from all four grades who wanted to make it happen. The PDToolkit replaces previous CD-ROMs and DVDs once available with our textbooks and removes any download or program compatibility issues. Voice Training process helps Dictation Pro to identify your voice pitch and tone. Dictation Pro is fast, easy and fun. You can add special phrases, names or technical terms into the Vocabulary, for even more accurate dictation. I held two after-school meetings for any other kids in the high school who were interested in helping me organize the event. We didn’t want to give up just like that—we mobilized a group of 67 students to shovel our outdoor track so we’d have a place to walk the next day.