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75 for 79-count pack.   This is a really fun STEM or makerspace project that you can do around the holidays.   Use the button below to buy the kit or project book. In this project tutorial, we re going to make light-up Christmas cards using copper tape, LEDs and a coin cell battery.

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With VAT and Dubai Shopping festival on the horizon, it’s time to start thinking about when to buy those giftsGulfNews.   The B W option is great for STEAM projects or just to save printer ink.

We sell a complete paper circuit starter kit that contains the parts needed for 65 projects or students. Play the   mini lesson and finally the animated song with lots of gestures!

To make harder cover, mix 5 ml water to 65 ml pva glue (polyvinyl acetate a. Do the same to the inside part of the cover.

Don’t bust your holiday budget by going overboard with costly decorations. No more worrying about staining your fingers!

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 I am so excited to use your curriculum. White glue, wood glue, elmer's glue) or 6: 7 ratio of water and pva glue.

Nothing exemplifies the magical look of Christmas quite like shimmering orbs of simple, monochromatic tree ornaments. K.

. We ve included a full color template and a black and white outline template so you can color it in yourself.

I do not recommend doing this to a book. And hold yourself back from picking up another Christmas tchotchke when you can DIY a wide range of.

These, available in 66 colors, are as beautiful as they are durable, and represent a variety of finishes—from matte to super-shiny—to add interest to your tree. I wasn t sure about it.

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With paint brush, brush cover (front, back, and spine) with water-glue mix.   Each project is 7 pages and it s recommended that you print them on one sheet of paper (front and back).

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Nothing is more annoying than running out of hooks in the midst of decorating the Christmas tree. Use our handmade gift wrap paper for wrapping presents and for your crafting and scrapbooking projects, and our A9 handmade computer printer paper for distinctive notices and greeting cards or for hand-written letters.

Available on $8. We notice that your web browser is out-of-date.

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