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Another common option is legal size, which measures 8. If stock must match a business logo or an event's color scheme, it's crucial to purchase from a retailer with stock from a variety of brands and product lines. Now you click on the image a couple of times and you will get it at full resolution. Our writers have high level of experience.

These products are excellent for making an impression, sending out specialized invitations, or decorating.

Select the right paper for every job by comparing options with different features.

It was too heavy/thick and it actually shut their machine down and it needed to be repaired!

These models are comparable to index cards in thickness.

One of the main benefits of card paper is its color variety.

Thanks you so much for my napkins I love them now just waiting for my matches!

Ultra cushiony and ultra luxurious, for an ultra clean and fresh feeling.

This is an illustration of an old grungy parchment paper background texture that I made in photoshop one fine day 🙂My images on this site are for free download and use under the conditions at the bottom of the page (i.

Iridescent stock features a metallic sheen that changes colors based on how the light hits it.

We have a refund policy to deal with situations arising from a mistake on our side, which rarely happens.

Matte stock works well with resumes, business cards, and reports.

Color options range from light pastel and bold hues to deep colors and neon shades.

If you are going for a rustic theme complete with galvanized washtubs for your beverages, this is the paper to use for your invite!

Glitter paper is similar, although it has a grittier texture than iridescent stock. However, it's also thick enough for report covers, folders, and brochures. It is a popular choice for invitations. To view/order, select Fiber under Type and complete the Required Filters (Size, Weight, Perforation). Other products have different width measurements to fit wide-format printers. To view/order, select Parchment under Type and complete the Required Filters (Size, Weight, Perforation). Thin, light weight, flexible sheets up to 669gsm - Paper styles range from sheer and delicate tissue, to translucent vellum, to premium text paper for all of your creative needs. We have a seamless working process but we take security and privacy of our customers seriously this ensures non-disclosure of our clients’ personal information. Searched high and low for Kraft card stock and matching envelopes.