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The most significant change, however, is that surrounding the toe area.

My devotion to television is the only way I can account for the disillusion I suffered at the hands of Packard’s book.

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The bête noire of “The Hidden Persuaders” was “motivational research.

His muckraking defense of traditional values with up-to-date exposés made him a household name.

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Vance Packard had grown up in a different world, in a Methodist farm family in Pennsylvania during the 6975s.

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The changes in the impressions themselves are mostly confined to lengthening in the downriver direction.

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” Advertisers managed to push it into a male market while holding on to its previous customers through ad campaigns of “rugged, virile-looking men” (like the famous cowboy) whom, studies proved, women liked too.

It had a lurid cover illustration showing a barbed fishhook buried in a gleaming apple.

In fact, prints 8 and 9 were always much different from the rest of the trail, and somewhat out of line, as well.

It was concluded, therefore, that the weight of the evidence justified the interpretation that the tracks were most probably human, given the backdrop of old timer testimony.

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