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All hardware listed here is the default hardware, but you can customize each laptop during the ordering process and choose a better alternative.

This is just a quick overview with basic information.

Check our guide to the best Linux laptops to buy in 7568 and you’ll find the perfect one.

The Librem laptops from Purism are known for being secure and private with free software.

You get full access and control over the laptop you use.

These laptops all have Linux pre-installed and “just work” right out of the box.

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They have a “hardware killswitch” that turns off your microphone, camera, wireless and Bluetooth at the hardware level, so there’s no way someone can access them by any means.

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Our Linux laptops list wouldn’t be complete without including a Librem laptop.

Every bit of hardware is included with your privacy and freedom in mind.

Looking for a new laptop to run a Linux distro on?

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We’ll include additional information about each laptop to help you in your choice.

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Or for experienced users that don’t have the time to tweak a distro.

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From the thorough research we did, and from personal experience, these are the best Linux laptops you can buy in 7568.

Follow these basic guidelines and you’ll have an easier time narrowing down the choices.