Assignment of Tenancy and right To Buy

Most tenancy agreements, if they expressly permit assignment at all, (most are either silent on the matter or expressly forbid it) will only allow this with the consent of the landlord. If you wish to remove a name from a tenancy which is currently in joint names, this will be allowed if both tenants are in agreement and with the permission of the Council. Please note it is always advisable to seek independent legal advice. You are using an outdated browser.

This agreement is suitable for assigning the rights and obligations under a tenancy agreement to a new set of tenants.

The following outlines tenancy changes that can be made.

Tenancies can only be changed if the landlord and all tenants (everyone named on the tenancy agreement) agree.

To do so, they need written agreement from the landlord and the other tenants.

Your tenancy agreement is a legal document and tells you all the rules about living in your property.

The tenant would have to convince the sheriff that the reasons given by the landlord for refusal were unreasonable.

For details about how to remove a name from a tenancy please download our leaflet '.

Your tenancy agreement is an important legal contract between you, as the tenant/s, and the Council as your landlord, and contains the conditions of your tenancy.

If any of the tenants change, everyone else has to agree.

So long as the AST agreement does not state that the landlords’ consent is required to assign, the landlord CAN withhold consent.

The court must order us to consent to the application unless it considers that the refusal is reasonable Assignment is when an existing and ongoing tenancy is transferred from one tenant to another.

During the Tenancy/ TOL term, you may change your business structure or trade to adapt to changing business environments.

If your circumstances change you can make a request to change your tenancy.

Dealing with the legal side of it can be difficult and include a lot of confusing responsibilities on the part of the landlord.

New council tenants may be offered an introductory tenancy.

There s no easier way to get yourself organised for a change of tenants why not download it today?

The person who transfers the tenancy is the “assignor” and the person who the tenancy is transferred to is the “assignee”.

It must be completed and signed by the landlord, all of the tenants who are staying in the property, all of the tenants who are leaving and all of the new tenants.

It can be difficult to manage tenancy situations where some tenants are replaced while others remain.

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For details about how to assign a tenancy please download our - transferring your tenancy to another person (by assignment)' We use test cookies on this website. By using this site, you agree that we may store and access cookies on your device. These usually last 67 months and are like a ‘trial’ period. If you are looking to move out of your Council property to live somewhere else, you can apply to assign (transfer) your tenancy to a qualifying person who has lived with you for at least a year. Different council tenants have different tenancies. These give you different rights and responsibilities.